The Positive Effects of NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback on ADD and ADHD

Participants in many of the studies conducted concerning the benefits of neurofeedback have been students with attention deficit disorders (ADD). By definition, these students have difficulty focusing and concentrating. They are easily distracted from the task at hand. 
ADD is often attributed to an imbalance in brain “chemicals”. When brainwaves are imbalanced, brain chemicals are also imbalanced. Students with ADD have been trained to control their brainwave activity, which leads to an improvement in their ability to focus and concentrate, which in turn leads to an improvement in their academic lives.
So, the positive effects of neurofeedback on creative performance are related to reducing stress, improving concentration and improving focus through learning to control your brainwave activity and get into the flow. Artists of all kinds have enjoyed the benefits and you can too.
There are no negative side effects. Training sessions are not overly time consuming. There are qualified trainers in many areas of the country. There is simply no reason not to give it a try, if you want to improve or increase your creativity. Because of the positive effects of neurofeedback on creative performance, we are likely to see some of the greatest creations of all times in the coming years.

More Information and Studies

Six Case Studies Examining the Effectiveness of a Comprehensive Adaptive Approach to Neurofeedback Attention Deficit in an Education Setting- Shannon Warwick, MA

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