KC Brain Train Rates

Let KC Brain Train help you through the holiday season. Get 30 sessions for 799$ 

Text 816-305-2414 to set up your complimentary session today! 

1st time FREE session given "try it before you buy it!"

Unlimited sessions for 1 full year $1300**

** additional people add $250 per person limit 4 people total per package. 

20 sessions $800

10 sessions $500

5 sessions $300

1 session $65

Need a few counseling sessions to go along with your neurofeedback? 

12 neurofeedback sessions with 3 counseling** sessions $800

**Counseling done by Sarah L. Schroer, LSCSW clinical social worker/ psychotherapist- specializing but not limited to HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) 


Are you interested but want a more affordable option? Click below to set up a payment plan with “Square” 

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Elise Thomson 816-305-2414


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