The Anti-aging Effects of Neurofeedback

The positive effects of neurofeedback on anti-aging efforts may be more difficult to observe than other benefits. It is easy for people who have been trained to see that their physical or academic performance has improved. They might notice things like more restful sleep or reduced depression. Could these noticeable benefits all be related to or classified as anti-aging benefits?

The known causes of aging at the cellular level include:

  • Free radical damage (oxidative stress)
  • Chronic or excessive inflammation
  • Damage by advanced glycation end-products (AGEs)
  • Inefficient methylation
  • Telomere shortening

Each of those 5 things can be caused by a number of other things. Free radical damage, for example, can be caused by a lack of antioxidants in the diet. Chronic inflammation is often a symptom of imbalanced immune system activity. AGEs can form as a result of spikes in blood sugar levels. Inefficient methylation is related to an unhealthy diet. And those 4 things contribute to telomere shortening which is associated with all age-related diseases.
Chronic stress increases free radical production and activity, suppresses normal immune system function, plays a role in blood sugar imbalance and interferes with nutrient absorption, even if a person normally eats healthy foods. So, chronic stress can cause or contribute to all of the causes of cellular aging.
The elimination of chronic stress is one of the positive effects of neurofeedback on anti-aging that can be measured. Research has shown that there is an imbalance in brainwave activity in people who are suffering from chronic stress. Studies reveal that it is possible to control brainwave activity through neurofeedback training and correct the imbalance that causes chronic stress. This could lead to increased longevity for those important telomeres.
The improvement in brainwave activity has other measurable results. Patients with Alzheimer’s disease have participated in some studies. Alzheimer’s, as you may know, is a chronic, degenerative, age-related condition that can lead to memory loss and eventually loss of brain function. Both patients and their caregivers suffer from this debilitating disease.
The positive effects of neurofeedback on anti-aging can be “seen” in the Alzheimer’s studies. Brainwave activity improves. Mood, memory and mental clarity improve. It seems that training literally “de-ages” the brain.
There is certainly no “cure” for age. If we live long enough, we will all grow old. The goal for most of us is to live as long as possible without developing a host of age-related diseases. The positive effects of neurofeedback on anti-aging could help us all achieve that goal.

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