The Positive Effects of Neurofeedback on Athletic Performance

 The positive effects of neurofeedback on athletic performance can be described as a “flow hack”. Here, you can learn more about the flow and how it helps athletes of all kinds. The flow was first described by scientists decades ago. One of the earliest studies focused on happiness. Researchers wanted to know when people were happiest and how they described their feelings during those times. The survey showed that people were happiest doing a variety of things. The things differed as much as people differ. The description of how they felt while doing those things was what they shared in common. During times of happiness, people reported a feeling of effortlessness. They moved easily from one part of the activity to the next. They lost track of time. Everything seemed “fluid”. This description was dubbed “flow” by the scientists. In talking with and surveying elite athletes of all kinds, a similar feeling was described. Flow seems to be particularly important in dangerous activities, such as extreme sports: snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing, rock climbing, etc. These extreme athletes must have flow in order to survive. There are many questions about how flow is created and of course there are many theories. Being encouraged during childhood, having a good home life and practicing for many hours on a daily basis are among the theories concerning the origin of flow. But not all athletes fit with the theories. Some were not encouraged during childhood. A good home life was not always something they experienced. Practicing regularly is common but the amount of practice varies. Instead of figuring out how to create flow or where it comes from, some researchers have decided to call it “talent”, something some individuals are born with. In looking at the positive effects of neurofeedback on athletic performance, some researchers began to look at flow. Athletes of all kinds have been interested because if there is some way to easily get into this altered state called flow, there is a way to enhance their performance naturally. Researchers have looked at other ways to get to flow easily. What they are looking for has been described as a “flow hack”. It’s like getting into a computer system through a backdoor without knowing the password. Is there are hack for flow? Judging from the positive effects of neurofeedback on athletic performance, there is a flow hack and neurofeedback is it. At a base level, flow has to do with brain activity. Your brain controls your body. You may need to be physically capable of performing the activity, although flow may explain the individual’s ability to perform activities that are seemingly beyond his or her physical capabilities. Neurofeedback trainers can teach you to control your brainwave activity at will. They have knowledge of the optimal brainwave activity for sports performance. This is something that you can learn. You can be in the flow. The positive effects of neurofeedback on athletic performance prove that it’s possible.

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