The Positive Effects of Neurofeedback on the Mind-Body Connection

There are positive effects of neurofeedback on the mind- body connection according to several studies. This form of biofeedback involves training people to control their brain waves. EEG scans have confirmed that this is possible.    The training is beneficial in many ways. Here is what we know about the physical benefits related to the mind-body connection.

Ideally, brainwaves should be symmetrical. There should be balanced activity in the two hemispheres of the brain. Through the use of EEG, researchers have found that there is asymmetrical brainwave activity in people who suffer from chronic stress.

Chronic stress plays a role in many health problems including hypertension. People suffering from chronic stress have more illnesses related to weakened immune system function. Chronic, long-term stress weakens and suppresses immune system activity.

Chronic stress also plays a role in age-related diseases, such as heart disease and even cancer. The hormones produced when the body is stressed excessively (over long periods of time) contribute to aging at the cellular level.
The mind body connection and the role that the brain plays in chronic diseases has been described in many ancient healthcare systems and its importance has finally been recognized in mainstream “modern” medicine. Only in recent years have we been able to observe brainwaves and make note of the effect that brainwave activity has on a person’s physical health.

The positive effects of neurofeedback on the mind body connection are related to balancing brainwave activity, according to researchers. As individuals learn to control their brainwave activity, the activity in the two hemispheres of the brain starts to equalize. The result is a less stressed individual.
As stress levels decrease, physical benefits including decreased hypertension can be seen. After just a few training sessions, participants report feeling calmer and more in control. As time goes by, their immune system strength improves, which means they are sick less often.
The long-term positive effects of neurofeedback on the mind body connection are more difficult to observe. As of this writing, there have been no studies following study participants into old age. But long-term benefits are likely.
By taking chronic stress out of the equation, cellular damage is minimized. The body has the ability to repair some cellular damage unless the amount of continuing damage outweighs the body’s reparative ability. In short, this is one of the things we can do to naturally live longer, healthier lives by supporting the body’s ability to self-repair.
Anyone can benefit from the positive effects of neurofeedback on the mind body connection. The training is painless, readily available and affordable. There’s simply no reason not to try a few sessions and start retraining your brain.

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