The Positive Effects of Neurofeedback on Work Performance

Positive Effects of Neurofeedback on Work Performance Could Lead to More Money For Your Company .The positive effects of neurofeedback on work performance may include increased productivity and better job satisfaction. The exact benefits will depend on the type of company you have, obviously. But in general, providing training for your employees can lead to more profits for your company.
Research has shown that the majority of people are unhappy with their jobs. They have little commitment to their employers. They are not motivated to improve or do more for their companies. This does not mean that all of your employees are unhappy. Some may be very happy. However, chances are good that a large portion of your workforce could be better performers.
You might wonder what happiness has to do with the workplace. Studies done decades ago showed that people worked harder when they were happier. Job satisfaction meant more to them than their paychecks. They were willing to work for less if it meant they would be happier. Money is not necessarily the motivator that many people believe it to be.
Many things have been done by progressive companies to make their employees happier and improve job satisfaction; things like providing daycare, having a gym on the premises, making the offices more comfortable, offering counseling, classes, etc. Those things can have an effect on employee satisfaction and performance according to researchers. If they do improve employee happiness, they do so by decreasing stress and balancing brainwave activity.
The positive effects of neurofeedback on work performance are related to decreasing stress through training employees to control their brainwaves. Research conducted using EEG brain scans has shown that there is imbalanced brainwave activity in the left and right hemispheres in people who suffer from chronic stress. EEGs done after training show that the balance has been restored and participants feel less stress.
In businesses where training has been provided, the positive effects of neurofeedback on work performance have included increased sales, fewer employee disputes, lower turnover rate and faster production. Employees are happier and probably healthier too.
Stress causes weakened immune system activity. People who are stressed have more colds, flus and other viruses. They miss more days of work as a result. A business owner should be able to see the benefit of healthier employees. As stress declines through neurofeedback training, immune system function improves and employees are healthier.
Money may not be the great motivator for individuals. Corporations, on the other hand, rely on profits. The positive effects of neurofeedback on work performance could and should result in increased profits. The benefits have been seen in other companies. You could experience them in your company too.

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