Hello everyone! I have done the unlimited package from 2019 to 2020. I am an entrepreneur focused solely on the digital marketplace. I am also an entertainer that does voice acting and rapping. When I first started doing brain training I had just experienced multiple experiences of psychosis and regularly going in and out of psychiatric hospitals around the Kansas City area. I had overwhelming paranoia, increased anxiety, and the tendency to sleep all day from the medication I was on. After my first session of Neurofeedback I could feel the difference immediately. The sensation is similar to having your back cracked by a chiropractor but for your brain. I would be lying if I said that one session changed my life. However, I can say that after doing the one year package. The best thing you can do is be consistent and dedicated in trusting the process when doing Neurofeedback. After doing Neurofeedback for a year I have been able to be more productive, be really creative, and be "normal" again. During my time with Elise doing Neurofeedback, I have started an ebay business, print on demand businesses (Redbubble and Etsy), released 2 apps in the Google Play Store, book gigs for Voice Acting, and start a rapping career. The brain training helped me reduce my anxiety and really pursue my dreams. I was able to voice multiple different characters on YouTube, do an audiobook for Audible, and voice in a video game. I got the confidence to believe in myself and my artistry. I'm currently working on releasing my debut single under the alias JNabe. My work ethic from doing brain training allows me to work with well-known artists in their respective communities. I hope that my testimonial can show you what is possible if you are dedicated and have a dream you really want to pursue. There is no magic pill to success but there is hard work, dedication, and skill to get there. I can say that in my journey to success. Neurofeedback is a stepping stone to success and a new life with less anxiety, more motivation, and an overall happier life experience! ~ JW Friendly neighbor, KC resident, Entrepreneur, Rapper, and Voice Actor 11/23/2020

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