Reformed Stress-Ball

by Rachel
(Kansas City, MO)

I have a very busy lifestyle in that I have a full-time job in addition to launching my own full-time business. I have always been a worrier and I wear my emotions on my sleeve (particularly stress!) I was feeling a constant level of anxiety/stress which was affecting my relationships and overall happiness. I knew that in order to launch my business and repair some relationships I needed to do something immediately.

Someone suggested neurofeedback to me, and specifically NeurOptimal. I made neurofeedback my top priority as I knew my emotional health is the most important thing to achieve success in life. If I couldn't handle the relationships, the work load, the negative feedback loop; then I wouldn't have the energy to be successful.

NeurOptimal has dramatically altered how I move through the world. I have completed 22 sessions to date. My anxiety is much lower, I react to people and situations in a calmer manner. My relationships have gotten stronger, I am able to focus better, and my tennis game has improved (optimal performance through focus!) I take one thing at a time now and that makes me feel stronger and more capable. I am grateful that this tool exists and that someone shared it with me.

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